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If a year of staying at home has taught us anything, it’s that cooking skills are invaluable!

  • Are you bored with your cooking and don’t know how to get more creative?
  • Are you tired of searching for recipes online and don’t know where to find inspiration?
  • Do you ever take that first bite of food and want to spit it back out again but just don’t know what went wrong?

More people are working from home and have fallen into a bland cooking routine. Those same people are tired of ordering food from restaurants to eat at home only to sit in front of plastic containers filled with soggy vegetables and overcooked chicken. They want to find that spark of excitement they once had in the kitchen.

Cooking shows are fun but don’t actually teach you what you need to know and you shouldn’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to specialized culinary schools either.

There is another way! I believe there is a way to learn the skills you need to make inspired meals that don’t require you to sift through the confusing jargon of professional chefs or shell out your life savings for culinary school.

Introducing the Home Chef Cooking School! A thorough online experience that teaches you how to:

  • Find and identify quality ingredients
  • Use those ingredients to cook without a recipe (that’s right, no more wasting countless hours sifting through recipes online)
  • Use basic knowledge of food science and how to use it to correct any dish
  • Finally understand how the food you are preparing and eating effects the health of your mind and body
  • Use your senses and knowledge to get inspired to create healthy, easy meals for your whole family

Inside HCCS will get straightforward cooking lessons that are actually useful so you can apply them to your own cooking. In knowing the basics, you are able to put all your knowledge together and use it to make excellent meals!

You will be able to build healthy meals from scratch with ease that your whole family will love, know how to troubleshoot your dishes so that they will be tasty every time, and have an endless well of new and creative ideas for meals!

Home Chef Cooking School is coming soon!! Join the waitlist to be first in line to this exclusive opportunity! The first 10 people to sign up will get one individual 1:1 coaching session to talk about your specific needs and desires.

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